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This video accompanied an exhibition of some of the pieces from the Particle Track Series shown in the Central Newbery Galeria de Arte in CA Buenos Aires, Argentina, and at the Ryan James Fine Arts Gallery in Seattle. It also gives a little background into what the Particle Track Series might be all about.

Some early influences on these pieces include journals and websites from CERN, FermiLab, Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Stanford Linear Accelerator, and books like the Dancing Wu Li Masters, the "Tao of Physics", Ram Das' "Be Here Now", the teachings of Mooji, the writings of Karen Armstrong, Richard Feynman and various spiritualists and physicists, intellectuals, shaman, priests and pastors.

The Particle Track Studies Series show another approach to understanding the collisions of color and form using the visual vocabulary foundation provided by the 'track' signatures left by the collisions of sub-atomic particles in high energy particle accelerators. They become a metaphor for how the fabric of our human interactions in life are intertwined - like the relationships of the energies of sub-atomic particles.

The collisions and interactions of a color as it passes through it's journey across the piece can be shocking, subtle, tranquil, nerve wracking, challenging, and as you see all of the colors and their journeys connect and interact with each other across the piece, following their individual and their collective interconnected stories, a more meditative state starts to occur inside the viewer and a more sublime experience of quantum reality starts to reveal itself.

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