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Particle Track #68

Particle Track #68 is part of the Particle Track Series

It was made specifically for my brother Jeff who passed away at age 68 in May of 2019. This image came to mind the moment I learned that he had died.

It is a somber, mysterious piece, full of dark matter, of the unknown forces, the phenomenal powers that create and destroy, rebuild, rejuvenate, an abstract work based on sub-atomic particle physics and everything we don't know about it. Go to to see the hi-res version. And go to and "Like" the page.

Contact me personally to inquire about the original.

The Particle Track Series is a bright, energetic, colorful, vibrant, series of abstract works based on the imagery of high speed sub-atomic particle collisions gathered at CERN, SLAC, Brookhaven, and FermiLab.

Made from an assortment of mixed media; charcoal, acrylic paints, fabric paints, soft pastels, inks, colored pencils, magic, nail polish, iridescent paints, metallic pigments, gold lief, silver lief, fluorescent paints on an archival and genuinely delicious printmaker's paper. like Fabriano Artistico or Arches Rives BFK.

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